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Did They Replace Our Date Calc?

Our Date Calc has been around since the beginning of our MyFusion Helper app, and we have been consistently improving it – with getting order dates, tag applied dates…and a bunch more features. But here’s something you probably didn’t know, because it’s an undocumented Infusionsoft™ post, you can actually do the basics of what our […]

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Apply a Tag Based on a Button Click!

Have you ever wanted to know if somebody clicked to an order form off your sales page? Have you ever wanted to tag what button they clicked on because you had multiple offers on that page? Maybe even start them into a cart abandonment campaign specific to that order form they clicked to? Well now […]

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Math It Helper (Advanced)

You likely already know about our Math It Helper, it’s pretty useful for simple addition, subtraction, multiplication & division within one custom field… but what’s that Advance option, how do you use it and where would you use it? Let start with the first question and most asked on the help desk regarding the Math It Helper, What is the […]

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GBB Campaign Building System – II

Last week I introduced you to my GBB Campaign Building System (Good – Better – Best) and we discussed the first phase of the system, the Good phase. If you haven’t had a chance to read that article, you’ll want to do so – just click here – before moving on so that this all makes […]

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