Browse Our Library of Helpers…

With nearly 60 different Helpers in our Library, we know it can be a little challenging to find what you're looking for. That's why we've created a couple of different ways that you can browse our Library - either alphabetically by Helper name (if you know just what you're looking for) or by functional group listing.

For Each Helper You'll Find...

Training Video

This is the same video you'll find inside of the app as well.

Tips & Tricks

We are constantly adding Tips & Tricks so that you can get the most out of each helper.

Video Transcript

Not everyone likes video, we know that reading the transcripts is easy for many, so we've included them as well.

Other Information

Look at popularity, or lifecycle application as well as other relevant data for the given Helper.

NOTE: We are still updating all of the Helper blog posts and docs, so please be patient and check back frequently.

Quick Tip

We recommend that you save a bookmark to this page. We update the Helpers frequently and you'll likely be checking back here every now and then so see what's new!