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Did They Replace Our Date Calc?

Our Date Calc has been around since the beginning of our MyFusion Helper app, and we have been consistently improving it – with getting order dates, tag applied dates…and a bunch more features. But here’s something you probably didn’t know, because it’s an undocumented Infusionsoft™ post, you can actually do the basics of what our […]

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Dropbox It Helper

Automate Your Workflow with Dropbox! OverviewDropbox is the industry standard for file sharing. With Dropbox you can easily share large files, entire project directories or individual files as well. As any Infusionsoft user knows, the Filebox inside of Infusionsoft is quite limited. It has file size limitations of 10mb, which doesn’t work for any video content or high […]

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Combine It Helper

Quickly Combine Fields to Automate Your Workflow OverviewThe Combine It Helper is one of those very simple Helpers that does exactly what it says… no muss, no fuss! It simply combines two fields, or concatenates them and then stuffs them into a third field — a custom field of your choosing.One of the things that it […]

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Excel It Helper

Auto-Export and Refresh your saved searches to Excel, automating your workflow! OverviewWhen it comes to working with data, nothing beats the industry leading Excel. Getting data out of Infusionsoft and into Excel, however, can be tedious at best.With this new Helper, we allow you to export directly from Infusionsoft straight into Excel. This allows you to […]

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Hook It Contact Helper

Clean all your contacts, automating your workflow! OverviewThe Hook It Contact Helper is one of the simplest Helpers we’ve created and yet one of the most powerful. When we say simple, we mean it. There are absolutely no options to configure. You simply create the Helper and deploy it.But don’t be disappointed by the simplicity, […]

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