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IP Redirect Helper

Get location specific information from a contact with one click! OverviewThe IP Redirect Helper is a very simple but elegant Helper. Don’t let it’s lack of popularity fool you, it’s brand new and people are still discovering it. This simple Helper let’s you create a simple redirect for use on a thank you page or […]

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Easily Find the Most Engaged Attendees

One of the most powerful natural side effects of using a Webinar for your marketing is that you are able to create all kinds of different segments of your list to market to individually. You’ve likely heard me talk about sending the right message to the right person at the right time – it’s a […]

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Note It Helper

Create simple notes to automate your workflow! OverviewThe Note It Helper is a simple Helper designed to do one thing and do it well – allow you to create notes within Infusionsoft on the contact record. Notes are easily customized with various merge fields. This feature is also useful for integration with 3rd party apps […]

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GotoWebinar Integration

Popularity : (Ranked #2 of 56 Helpers) OverviewThe GotoWebinar Integration is one of the most popular Helpers we have and it is also one of the most sophisticated. Please pay careful attention to the video above as we cover quite a bit of stuff in it and it’s a bit longer than most.​Also, don’t get overwhelmed […]

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Infusionsoft Reporting with Google Sheets

Reporting inside of Infusionsoft is one of the single most complained about features. While the reports are mostly adequate, they simply are too limited and not easily customized. There is also no way to create nice visual charts or graphs and delivery of the reports to management can also be “challenging”. Until now… Introducing, the […]

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Getting ClickFunnels Order Data Into Infusionsoft

Tell me if this sounds familiar… You’re an Infusionsoft user frustrated by their ugly and restrictive order forms and lack of native integration. So, you’ve ventured out and come across the best option you could find that would compliment Infusionsoft and replace the need for LeadPages, as well – Russell Brunson’s ClickFunnels! Like many […]

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