How to Quickly Purge Dead Email Addresses

One of the big stumbling blocks for people is that they tend to make things too complicated, get overwhelmed and then take no action. I know that with all of the Helpers we have the same can be true. So let's get straight to a “simple” way of using Email Engagement Triggers that can really help you today and get you moving TODAY!

Step one is to create the Email Engagement Triggers Helper inside of MyFusion Helper and when you do, let's keep it simple and just select the default option to only go to 90 days out. Then I want you to create a simple campaign that has a start tag goal and a single, connected sequence. Name the start tag something like “START Engagement Check”. In the sequence, create an http post snippet and paste in the link from MyFusion Helper.

Next let's create an API Goal and connect it to the sequence. Set the API Goal Integration to “myfusionhelper” without the quotes. To get the API Call Name, first select the copy goal button on the toolbar for your engagement triggers helper from the list view. The copy goal button is the one immediately to the right of the blue copy link button. When you do that, it will popup a form and show you all of the API Goal names for the Email Engagement Triggers Helper and you want to select the “xxxxneverengaged” goal name. Click on it to copy it. Now just paste it in as the Call Name of the API Goal.

The “xxxx” will be a number that represents the id of the Helper. We use the number in the goal name so that you can create multiple engagement trigger helpers as necessary without conflict.

Now, add another sequence on the end of the API Goal and in that sequence simply remove the tag that you use to add someone to your marketing list. You might also want to add a tag that tracks them as having been removed for non-engagement or something to that effect. You're entire campaign would look like this:

Tag Goal -> Engagement Sequence -> API Goal -> Purge Sequence

Now, of course, before you can run this you'll need to publish it. Then you can grab a sample of data and test it. During testing you may want to temporarily remove that step from the Purge Sequence that removes their marketing list tag just until you're confident everything is working properly. After you've thoroughly tested it, you can put your entire list through this campaign. Be careful to not add more than a few thousand (less than 10k) contacts at a time and let them complete before adding more. It's never advisable to add more than 10k contacts at once into a campaign that makes API calls as Infusionsoft can see too much API activity at once and begin to limit them.

So what should happen is that those on your list that have NEVER EVER OPENED OR CLICKED ON A SINGLE SOLITARY EMAIL will be removed from your marketing list. Boom! Super simple. In fact, I could do it much quicker than type up this tip!


Nick Kulavic

Nick Kulavic is the Co-Founder of MyFusion Solutions and the Lead Developer. Basically he's the wizard behind the curtain of all things MyFusion! :-)

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