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[UPDATE] - Vimeo is now supported as well, although it is not shown in the video.

The Video Trigger It Helper is one of the most popular Helpers we offer - and for good reason - it's also one of the most useful. This Helper allows you to apply tags to contacts watching your videos based upon how long they have watched.

Being able to tag their video views allows you to segment them into different sub-lists of people that have started but not completed the video or those that have seen the call to action in the video, or at any key time point in the video you want to track. This segmentation allows you to market to them very specifically to their unique situation.

Highlighted Features

  • YouTube, Wistia & Vimeo Support
  • Unlimited Segmentation
  • Membership Site Support
  • Works on Non-Membership Pages Too

YouTube, Wistia & Vimeo Support

These are the three big players in the video streaming or hosting market, so we support all three. You simply specify which of the video types you want to setup and we'll show you the appropriate options for that type.

Unlimited Segementation

You can specify the number of seconds into the video that you want the tag to be applied or the API Goal to fire. Yes, we support API Goals as well, so you don't have to use tags. We don't limit you on how many different segments you create or where (at what time point) you create them.

Membership Site Support

We have direct copy/paste code for you to embed your video triggers directly into the most popular membership sites including CustomerHub, Memberium and iMember360. These embed codes already work directly within the membership environment to pass in the contact information so tagging works properly. Simple copy and paste.

Works on Non-Membership Pages Too

We know, however, that many of you will also use these Video Triggers on your sales pages that are not within a membership site. Don't worry, we've got you covered as well. We also have a copy and paste embed code for you to use on your site or sales page.

The Toolbar

Above is the toolbar options you'll see for the Video Trigger It Helper. Here are the Toolbar button options from left to right:

  • ​Copy Link for Infusionsoft - This first blue copy link button will take you to a popup where you can select where you want to embed the video code. It allows you to choose from the supported membership sites or your own site and copy the embed code so you can paste it into your site.
  • Configure Button - The last button on the far right is the start configuration button which allows you to View, Edit, Copy, Delete, view the Usage Report and the Usage Log.

Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

None, currently. But check back often, we'll add more here soon!

Video Transcript

​[UPDATE] - Vimeo is now supported as well, though it's not visible in the video.

Hello and welcome to MyFusion Helper. My name is Troy Broussard, and today's video is going to be all about setting up and configuring the Video Trigger. Now, the Video Triggers are by far one of the most popular and most powerful features of My Fusion Helper and they also are a little bit sophisticated because there are a lot of moving parts that you have to configure so today's video will be a little longer than the normal.

I'm going to show you how it works and how to set it up inside of My Fusion Helper, and create the helper for it. I'm also going to show you a sample campaign and how you might use some things with that inside of Infusionsoft and I'm also going to go over into Wistia and show you how to work with the embed codes and all of that.

So, a full understanding from A-Z as well as how to use this in email campaigns for effective tracking as well. And then lastly I'm going to wrap it up and then talk about some practical uses and how would you could use this in your business as well. All right, so let's drive right in, okay, so here we are inside of MyFusion Helper and what I am going to do is to go ahead and create a new Helper and we're going to type in video to Video Trigger it and do a Video Trigger Test and go ahead and create the Helper.

Now, there's a few steps involved in this aware going to go back-and-forth in between a couple of different screens. Right now, there's support for both Wistia and YouTube, in the near future will be adding Vimeo support as well so perhaps by the time you see and watch this video you'll also see a third option for Vimeo her but today what I'm going to cover is Wistia, they're all very similar however in terms of how they functionally work. 

So, we click on Wistia and that opens up and it wants the Wistia video ID so, I've got a Wistia account here and I've gone in to pull up one of the videos and what I want to show you is that Wistia ID that we need is right here at the end. You can literally just go to the URL and double-click the end of it and grab the ID right there.

So know that I have my ID I'm going to come back into the helper and I'm going to paste that in here. Now before we continue on and finish up this example with Wistia, I do want to point out that if you're using YouTube the process works exactly the same, so I'm not going to show the same video twice. The only difference is here is where you select the ID and once again it's very similar to how you would do it in Wistia.

You just go to the URL and grab that video ID that you are going to paste in right? So know I'm going to go ahead and continue on the demo using and completing the rest of the Wistia installation and now we have a couple of different options, how are we going to embed it? Are we going to embed it as a pop-up? Or as an inline?

I'm going to go ahead and do the inline cause that's what most people will do in video sales letters and things to that nature. So that's the way I'm going to show it but you can also do a pop-up or they call a popover in Wistia, same thing and you can do that option if you choose but I'm going to show you the inline.

Now, the next thing and this is where the real power gets inside of the control that you have is to set when and where you want to initiate tags and segmentation based on consumption of the video.

So, let's just say because I just want to keep this video short, we are going to use a 10 second delay and then after 10 seconds we are going to set a goal and then also a tag. So, we are going to go here and do a tag Video Trigger #1, and we are going to set a goal VideoTrigger1, you can use either one of these that you like either a tag or a goal.

You'll sense a common thread in the videos that I have instructed you here throughout the process is I use API goals a lot and the reason is we don't like to clog up the app and clutter it up with a whole bunch of tags that we don't need when we can do the same thing with goals. So, my preference is to use a goal, if you need a tag however, you can do that.

Now, notice a little plus sign here, so, we can add multiple segments. So if I wanted to add another one after 10 seconds, and call this Video Trigger 2 and then again I will do video and scroll down, there's Video Trigger# 2. Now what would this make more practical sense?

Now, I'm just giving dumb little names here and you know arbitrary times but where this would make sense for a VSL, video sales letter, is to know if somebody watched, let's say your video sales letter is 22 minutes long and let's say your call to action is at the 20 minute point, you might want to have a couple of triggers here, you might want to have one about five minutes in and another one at maybe 20 minutes in. And you may want to have a third one at 22 minutes, if they watched the whole video.

And so from those three tags, the five-minute tag you could tell you they were engaged they watched some of it but they didn't stick around. And the 20 minute tag would tell you that they saw your call to action. And then lastly they completed the entire video now those give you three very different segments of people.

The people that complete the entire video are going to be most likely to buy. The people that saw your call to action at least you know that they saw your offer and the people that bailed early well you know that they watched enough of the video to be somewhat engaged and spend some time but they didn't get to finish it. So, maybe you would want to reach back out to them and send them a shorter video or send them back to the replay or whatever that is.

Now, that's how you would use this in your business so let's go ahead and create this and show you how this works and show you how this is pasted into sites and all of that. So no, this is a little bit different because instead of copying the link on this you're going to view the embed code.

Now notice the options here and I want to take a minute to go through this because it's going to be dependent on what system you are using. If you are embedding this inside of Customer Hub then you want to use this code. If you're going inside Memberium then you want to use a Memberium code likewise if you're using iMember360, and if you are using your own site.

If, for example, you have OptimizePress on your site and sending it there, you use something like Thrive Themes which I'm going to show you today then this is where you want to go.

I'm going to go ahead and copy that embed code and then I'm going to go ahead and close this and I'm going to show you a page that I have set up inside of Thrive Themes here and I have dragged a custom HTML widget here and I'm going to go ahead and paste this in like so and I paste all the code in here and then I can go ahead and save that. And if we go ahead and preview here, then you will see that indeed it pulls in the video and it's got everything all set and ready to go.

Okay. So now we have got a page that has got our tracking embedded, video code all set up and ready to go.Now, how do we use this inside of Infusionsoft? That's the real trick. So let's go take a look at how that would work inside of Infusionsoft. Now notice that we've set up two tags in this particular example and we've also set up API goals. You can do this either way, you can do this with a tag just make sure your using the same tag that you have used in defining the Helper, or you can use it with a goal.

Now an API goal you would just make sure you type in MyFusion Helper, for the integration and then for the call name you just gotta make sure that you use the same call name as you use in the goal name that you configured inside of MyFusion Helper. Okay? So either way that you want.

The tags stay on the contact record , the goals will be in here for reporting, and so you be able to go into performance view and see how many people have passed through the goals and get all the metrics that you need. But they won't waste space in your account and won't slow down your system by applying tags. So, it just depends on what your needs are. Either way, functionally they work the same and then you can have your marketing sequence so if this was a bailed early tag then we watch here if this was a watch the whole call to action but still didn't buy then we might throw them into a different marketing system.

Now what I do to kind of kick these off is I just apply a little note goal here and use that to actually use a sequence to test it. Just when I am testing this and let me show you how to effectively do this, for your testing and deploying these links properly. So, when you embed this video, into an email and you say hey you know click here to watch this video, and you are marketing to this person. We need to know who the person is that is on the page, we need to understand in order to apply a tag to them to know if they have watched it, we need to know who they are.

And so the way we do that is that we create a campaign link. And the campaign link goes to the URL which is right here so that's the URL that we've created for this demo. That is this demo page right here, I'm in preview mode but if I took that preview off like that, that would be the page so there's the page, all right?

And, so that we put in there and we add this additional syntax. I'm going to his will in here so you can see it, and I'm also going to pause for a second to let you make sure and get this syntax correct. It's very, very critical and if you don't do this properly, then when the person goes to your page the video embed code it won't know who is watching the video and it won't be able to apply the segmenting tags properly.

So it is critical, absolutely critical that you do this properly. And I will put this in large print so you can see it on the screen and that's how we do it.

Format the links to your videos like this to pass the contact id:

Notice that I didn't try to put it in the email itself, I went and created a campaign link so if you did not catch that I went in here and did campaign links that's how I did that.You can put it in the email itself but I do not recommend that you do that.

So the reason is that sometimes when Infusionsoft goes through and evaluates these links, it goofs up so what I would do instead I would go here and we'll add the link and one at that link instead of pasting it here what's we will to is that we would just add a campaign link. Okay? And then you will see there is the video and it will substitute. When you do it this way it's much more effective.

I've had people when they paste in the web links sometimes they don't see it all here, they messed something up and miss one little character and sometimes Infusionsoft gets confused with evaluating the merge fields and stuff when you paste it in directly.

So, the recommended best practice is to always use a campaign link to insert this into your video now into your email.

Now, when they received this email and they click on that, it will track who they are they will watch the video and as it goes by the 10 seconds on the 20 second, it will apply the tags and you will be able to segment those people off and respond accordingly.

Alright so let's come back and talk about some possible use cases and when you would want to use this and things that you can do with this. The Video Triggers are probably one of the most powerful features that we have in our arsenal within MyFusion Helper. They allow you to track when a user has viewed a video, and that is so important because there are so many different things that you can do from a marketing perspective on that.

You can use this in conjunction with membership sites. You have seen for example that we have the embed codes for the popular membership sites for Infusionsoft and this way you have compliance inside of your membership site, or to determine how engaged people are if they are actually watching and engaging with your videos and to be able to create marketing segments that are intelligently you know, delivered based on how they consume the content or not so if you are dripping out of video every week, you could have a sequence of emails go out and if they achieved that goal and applied that tag then they wouldn't get emails three and four.

But if they never watched the video then you could send them a little couple reminders right? So, just things like that. Memberships can be very, very useful.

Another way is for tracking VSL engagement and really to optimize conversions, now remember, VSL is video sales letter and when you're sending somebody to that sales letter, man, you've got them to click, you've got to open up your video offer, now we've got to get them engaged so being able to track and see where they are falling off.

Are they watching at least five minutes of your video? Are the trailing off later? Yes, I know you can do that with video analytics but you don't get it personalized to the user. So, this is not about the analytics, this is about the personalization because now and the end of that we can follow up and we know whether that person watched our full video, watched the call to action or abandoned the video early and we can treat that person very differently in our marketing follow-up sequence. Very, very powerful and this feature can really boost your sales revenue through your video sales letters by optimizing them through video engagement.

Another thing that you can do is to simulate an audio webinar by using a video with smart tagging like this right? You've seen the automated webinars that people have sent you to well they're kind of ugly and they look like a setup from the beginning so a lot of people have little faith in them. But what if you had a really nice, elegant ,VSL style sales page that was just a webinar replay for example that had a really nice elegant theme that Thrive Theme uses for example and you are tracking everything through video tracking like we just did.

Well now, you kind of have the same thing as if you sent them to an automated webinar. You can tag them based on how far in they watched, whether they got to the end, all of that and then do different branching logic and segmentation on the backside. Okay, so it is very, very, powerful you can also use this in any of your marketing that has videos just to track if people are actually engaging or moving forward.

This can be especially powerful if you're using high end funnels, where you are selling high ticket sales you know 5K, 10K, 25K offers you really want to make sure that you are talking to the right people. And so, by tagging the people who are completing and watching your video then you will know with the right people are to you know have those conversations with on the phone so you are not wasting your time. All right, hopefully that gave you a few examples to think through and can illustrate some great to use cases in your business.

Again, this is Troy Broussard with my business solutions make sure to get us on the help desk at if you need anything else.

Nick Kulavic

Nick Kulavic is the Co-Founder of MyFusion Solutions and the Lead Developer. Basically he's the wizard behind the curtain of all things MyFusion! :-)