Trello It Helper

Integrate Trello with Infusionsoft! Now you can!


The Trello It Helper is quickly becoming one of our most popular - and for good reason. It is a complete workflow replacement for the sales pipeline module of Infusionsoft. Many Infusionsoft users don't have the full version of Infusionsoft and don't have access to sales pipelines. Many others simply find opportunities to be very limited and difficult to manage in Infusionsoft. 

Furthermore, many people simply don't want to expose their Infusionsoft system to outsourcers just to manage tasks. Whatever your reason for frustration with workflow and task management in Infusionsoft, the Trello integration brings a welcome dose of flexibility.

Highlighted Features

  • Works with multiple Trello Accounts
  • Integrate with any Board or List
  • Store the Trello Card URL in custom field
  • Add Multiple Checklists
  • Add members and labels to your card
  • Fire Moves Into and Moves Out of goals

Works with multiple Trello Accounts

If you're a consultant or if you simply have access to multiple Trello accounts, no worries. Our Helper allows you to integrate with all of your accounts from one simple interface.

Integrate with any Board or List

Boards in Trello are like "projects" in a workflow system. You can have unlimited boards in Trello and our Helper allows you to select any of them to integrate with.

Store the Trello Card URL in custom field

If you want to be able to send emails to your outsourcers or others that they have received a task and list directly to that task (Trello card), you can do that with our Helper. We allow you to save the Trello Card URL directly to a custom field so you can merge it into your emails.

Add Multiple Checklists

Checklists are a very powerful feature of Trello cards. With checklists you can create entire templated and complex tasks with all of the details on a single card. Our Trello It Helper allows you to create one or more checklists for the card as well as multiple checklists items under each list. You've got all of the flexibility you need.

Add members and labels to your card

You can also add Members (users) to the card directly as well as assign Labels to the card. Trello Labels are color coded and very powerful for filtering. When you select them via our interface, you'll see we even show you the color coding for easy reference. By being able to assign directly to a Member, you can easily use this feature to delegate and assign the task directly.

Fire "moves into" and "moves out of" API Goals

This is one of the most powerful features of the Trello integration.

We allow you to trigger an api goal in Infusionsoft whenever a Trello card is moved "into" or "out" of any Trello List. This allows you to create very sophisticated and robust automations inside of Infusionsoft for the workflow that is happening outside of Infusionsoft, within Trello.​

The Toolbar

Above is the toolbar options you'll see for the  Trello It Helper. Here are the Toolbar button options from left to right:

  • ​Copy Link for Infusionsoft - This first blue copy link button copy the URL used for the http post snippet inside of the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder.
  • Copy API Goals - This button allows you to quickly and easily copy the API goal names for the "moves into" and "moves out" of List goals.
  • Configure Button - The last button on the far right is the start configuration button which allows you to View, Edit, Copy, Delete, view the Usage Report and the Usage Log.

Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

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