Phone Validate It Helper

Validate Phone Numbers to Keep Your Lists Clean of Junk Numbers


The Phone Validate It Helper was designed to ensure that a phone field has an appropriately formatted phone number in it. Sometimes in data conversions junk data gets input and this Helper allows you to make sure that’s not the case.

This does not check to make sure the number is a real number, it simply looks at the data to make sure it looks like a real phone number with the proper number of digits, formatting and such.

This Helper also triggers API Goals so that you know if the phone number is valid or not and can create conditional handling in your automation campaigns. So, for example, if you’re collecting phone numbers to send out text messages to, you can scrub (clean) the data first with this Helper to make sure you’ve got real data in there prior to sending out texts to bogus numbers and potentially wasting money.

NOTE: In the future we are looking to integrate this with a 3rd party API to verify the number and to also determine if it is a landline or a cell phone number. That feature is not yet available, however.

Highlighted Features

  • Triggers API Goals
  • Saves You Money

Triggers API Goals

When executed, this Helper will trigger various API Goals so that you can automate around the various scenarios. It will trigger a valid goal, an invalid goal and also an empty goal. The empty state means there is simply no data in the field. The invalid goal means what data is in the field is not a valid phone number.

Saves You Money

Not all, but some of the Texting services will bill you for an attempted send even if it doesn't go through. So when you try to send a SMS message to a bogus number, you're paying for it. By validating the numbers first, you can prevent these charges.

The Toolbar

Above is the toolbar options you'll see for the Phone Validate It Helper. Here are the Toolbar button options from left to right:

  • ​Copy Link for Infusionsoft - This first blue copy link button copy the URL used for the http post snippet inside of the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder.
  • Configure Button - The last button on the far right is the start configuration button which allows you to View, Edit, Copy, Delete, view the Usage Report and the Usage Log.

Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

None, currently. But check back often, we'll add more here soon!

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to MyFusion Helper. In today’s short video, I’m going to show you how to use the Phone Validation Helper and we’re going to talk about not only it works and how to configure it. I’ll walk you through the set up screens in the app, so that you know how it works. Then, we’re also going to jump into MyFusion Soft and show you how the campaign would be set up and how you would configure it there as well. Then, lastly, what I want to do is just give you some kind of best practices and examples of how people are using this helper in their business and how you can deploy it in yours. Let’s go ahead and jump right in.

Okay, we’ve gone ahead and logged into my MyFusion Helper and we’re going to go ahead and create a new helper here and type in the phone lookup and validation and click on configure. We’ve got to give it a name, Phone Lookup Test, go ahead and give that a name. It’s going to go ahead and create the helper, as well as give us some options to configure. Now, this is fairly simple. We’re going to be building this out and enhancing it with some more options down the road, but right now it’s very straight forward. You can select the phone that you want to validate, either Phone1, Phone2 or Phone3. Then you can also check off which goals that you want to trigger.

What is going to happen is, we’ve got three different options here: an empty, a validation of either invalid or valid, and each of these can trigger individual goals. So, if we want to check for the presence of a phone and if it’s empty and then be able to branch off on that on our logic, then we can do that. If we want to look at when a phone number is valid or invalid, we can raise events that do that as well. Now, these are going to show up as API goals in the campaign builder and so we’re just providing the name for those goals. Now, I’ve already gone ahead and set those up in Infusionsoft, so I’m going to come over here and just kind of show you what this would look like, and then we’ll come back and finish up the configuration.

Imagine a scenario where somebody is opting in for a webinar and they go in here and afterwards we call my MyFusion Helper, and I’ll show you how to configure that here, but just imagine it being configured. And, then from there, we’re now determining what to do with that phone. Is it a valid phone number? In which case it is, let’s just go ahead on to our marketing sequence. If it’s an invalid phone number, we may want to do something like send them out a message to get them to clean up the phone number, “Hey, just so happens the phone number—we tried to give you a call and it doesn’t look like it’s right” or whatever kind of marketing message you want to put in here. Then, if there’s no phone present, then we’re going to want to entice them with some type of giveaway or something like that to encourage them to fill out the phone.

The whole point of this on a webinar would be to encourage people to give you their phone number so that you can send them text messages and boost your attendance on the webinar, as well as boost your sales probability after the webinar by having a phone number that you can have a sales call with somebody on. Now, the way I set this up, is after it cleans up it’s still going to go into this same sequence to go ahead and promote the giveaway. You can do however you want with that, it’s just the way I set it up here and obviously it’s up to you how you want to configure this.

Many times you’re only going to need one of these goals, in which case you simply don’t need to put them all in there. These goals, when you configure them, it’s MyFusion Helper, is the integration which is always going to be the same. Then this goal name is the same goal name that you use in the helper when you configure it. So, this is for a valid—so we’re going to put there. The invalid one here, is invalid and the empty, I believe, is no phone. Let me just go back and double check that. That’s there’s. The invalid one, I used “invalid phone” and no phone present, is no phone.

Now, if this were all published, when this fires, it’s going to trigger off these different goals depending on the scenario of that phone. So, we go ahead and create this helper at this point. It’s going to give us a link, we’re going to copy that link and then we’re going to come back into Infusionsoft to paste that link in here, so that we now have this configured properly. Now, when somebody comes through the opt in, it’s going to first trigger the helper to determine if their phone number is valid, invalid or not present and then we’re going to follow up with a logic behind that.

That is how you would set this up and how you would use it. It’s important that you understand that when you go back and if we just create another one here, just as an example, I just want to make sure that you realize that you don’t need to put all of those goals in there. You only need to put the goal that you want. If you’re just looking to check for whether it’s empty or not, then that’s the only goal you need set up, you can just do that. These are individually selectable, so just trigger the ones that you want. And, you can use this in combination with our text messaging, so that now you can verify if they have a number, if it’s a valid phone number and send it off to text messaging.

Okay, so now let’s go ahead and jump back into the presentation and talk about some of the use cases and when you might want to use this in your business. Now, the scenario that I laid out here was for boosting webinar attendance with an SMS, right? We know that webinar attendance has dropped off in the last year or two. It’s just with any new marketing practice, as it becomes more and more common place, the attendance numbers will drop. So, you have to get more sophisticated and robust with your marketing to insure your presence. One of the ways of doing that is with text reminders. Text reminders can really help boost your attendance.

Using this phone number validation to make sure that you have a phone number or if it’s blank or not and be able to then trigger off text messaging and encourage that with a giveaway, it’s a great way to do it. Here, as I’m talking about it, encourage contacts to enter their phone by giving additional bonuses. So, this is something that is a really slick way of doing this. If you give them an extra bonus and on the form just say, “Enter your phone number here and we’ll text you the download link.” Then they know that they have to give you their phone number in order to get that download link, that’s the only way that they can get it. That is a way that can really help you boost those SMS and text messaging for attendance by boosting the encouragement of them actually giving you that phone number in the first place.

Lastly, just another thing is, driving more phone sales leads. If you want to be able to sell over the phone and you have an internal sales department, they’re going to need that phone number. Other use cases that you might want to think of is for compliance and customer compliance. Or, post-purchase compliance, so a customer purchases and they don’t give you a phone number and you want to be able to check that. Maybe they gave you an invalid phone number, so they gave you a bunch of numbers but it’s not valid, so you set a note to trigger a campaign to follow up with them and ask them for a proper phone number. There’s all kinds of different use cases and scenarios for this. I’ve given you a few of them here and hopefully that’ll make sense and you can find two or three of them that make sense in your business.

This is Troy Broussard, thank you for joining us. As always, reach out on the Help Desk, get help at for further help.

Nick Kulavic

Nick Kulavic is the Co-Founder of MyFusion Solutions and the Lead Developer. Basically he's the wizard behind the curtain of all things MyFusion! :-)