Get the Last Helper

Get the last information that was stored in the contacts fields.


One of the problems with Campaign Builder is that it only allows you to access contact data. But there are many other tables related to the contact that we need to get at all of the time - the Invoice, Order, Subscription, Payment, Credit Card and Opportunity tables to name a few. 

Our Get the Last Helper allows you to read the last record for each of those tables and then read any of the fields in that record and assign them to a custom or standard contact field. There is tremendous power here. You can merge in last used coupon codes, get the dollar amount of the last transaction or the last four digits of their last used credit card to merge into an email message.

Highlighted Features

  • Access Any Field in 6 Tables
  • Merge Data As Desired

Access Any Field in 6 Tables

Direct and easy access to any field in any of the following six tables (for the last written record for the current contact):

  • ​Invoice Table
  • Order Table
  • Subscription Table
  • Opportunity Table
  • Credit Card Table
  • Payment Table

Merge Data As Desired

You can easily map these fields into custom or standard fields on the Contact record for the current contact. This allows you to grab data the coupon code on the last order and merge it into a custom field so you can reference it on an email or, even more powerfully, use that coupon as a decision diamond to provide various custom emails depending upon the coupon code used.

The Toolbar

Above is the toolbar options you'll see for the Get the Last Helper. Here are the Toolbar button options from left to right:

  • ​Copy Link for Infusionsoft - This first blue copy link button copy the URL used for the http post snippet inside of the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder.
  • Configure Button - The last button on the far right is the start configuration button which allows you to View, Edit, Copy, Delete, view the Usage Report and the Usage Log.

Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

None, currently.

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to MyFusion Helper. In this brief video we’re going to show you how to use the Get the Last Helper. We’re going to start out by just walking through the application itself and showing you how to configure it. This is one of my favorite Helpers, it’s something that we pioneered in the industry. Nobody else currently has this and certainly is not doing it. It’s just such a powerful Helper, there are all different types of options and configurations on it. It’s one of the most frequently used by our power users in MyFusion Helper. I think you’ll really enjoy it as well, so let’s take a look at how to set this up.

Okay, here we are in the app. The first thing that we want to do is select the Helper. Again, I just will speed type it, go straight to Get the Last and we’ll give it a name. Let’s say, “Get The Last.” Perhaps we want to reference the last promo code that was used, so we’ll use that as an example here. What I want to show you is that the Get the Last it automatically, based on the current contact--remember, as you’re moving things through the campaign builder, it’s a contact that’s moving through. Based on that current contact, it’s going to go in and retrieve the last record in any one of the following tables: the last invoice, the last order, the last subscription, the last opportunity, the last credit card or the last payment. From that, here’s the beauty, when you select one of these--if we go off of the last invoice. We’ve got all of the fields available to us.

We don’t filter things out. We feel like it’s good for you if you have the ability to use whatever you want. Rather than limiting you, we’ve got everything in here. In this case, if we wanted to look at the last promo code that was used on the last invoice, we’ve got that. We can then select where we want to put that, if we just want to put it in one of my test fields we can do that and stick it in a text field or whatever we want to do. The point is, from this, we can now do a decision diamond branch and determine which promo code they used. If it was this one, go here. If it was this other one, go somewhere else. This is just a simple example.

What I want you to realize is all of the different possibilities here, all of the different fields that you can choose. We read in the entire table, so you can look at any of this data and merge it into any of the custom fields that you need to in order to create a very robust solution. You can look at the last affiliate for a subscription or the last billing amount. There is all kinds of stuff here that you can go in between, even looking at the reason it was stopped or status or start dates, anything that you need here.

Opportunity is another very common one to be able to go look at the last opportunity record. Credit card is very commonly used. When somebody wants to know that the credit card they entered is invalid, for example, then you can send out an email and merge in that credit card information in a secure way. This is because it’s only going to pull up the last four, it’s not going to give you the whole card number. We have lots of different ways of doing dynamic merging off of the last record. Payment information, again, the last payment amount, for example, and be able to merge that in. Very powerful stuff.

Let’s go back here and make the example the way I started it out with the promo code. We’ll go ahead and create this Helper. What I want you to do is to just play around with this because you’ll there are lots of different possibilities when get that last feature is very useful for you. I’ll go ahead and copy that. Then just like we’d do with anything else, we would just go in here to Infusionsoft and drag over and HTTP post snippet. Then we would give it a proper name and just come in her and paste in the value for that link and set it to ready. That’s all you have to do. Remember, there was no need to configure any of these additional parameters, you can just leave those alone. You don’t need to change anything there at all and you are all set.

All right. We’ve seen how to actually set it up, but let’s kind of talk about some of the scenarios and examples where you might want to use this. Using the Get the Last Helper for retrieving the last order or payment amount is a very common need and necessity that is just not met within the Campaign Builder without using an API function like this. This is a very common thing to send out to people and alert them to details about their last order.

Another thing is the last credit card used can be very helpful as well in some of your merging and emails. Being able to get the last promo code that we talked about in the demo here today. Then other things like being able to get the last subscription or the next bill date for their most recent subscription, that is another great merge data field to be used in some of your emails and notifications to your clients.

Hopefully we’ve tickled your imagination with a few different ideas. That is it for this video in MyFusion Helper.

If you have any questions, make sure and reach us on the Helpdesk at

Nick Kulavic

Nick Kulavic is the Co-Founder of MyFusion Solutions and the Lead Developer. Basically he's the wizard behind the curtain of all things MyFusion! :-)