Action It Helper

Run Powerful Action Sets to Automate Your Workflow


The Action It Helper is a very simple yet useful Helper. It does one thing and one thing only. It allows you to run one or more action sets.

This can be very useful for 3rd party integrations. Since all of our Helpers run as an http post, they can be called from external programs outside of Infusionsoft as well, so the Action It Helper would allow an external program to invoke several action sets all at once. 

Another useful function for the Action It Helper is to use it inside of a Chain It Helper to combine multiple Helpers into one single http post call without having to go back and forth between MyFusion Helper and Campaign Builder with multiple different calls.​

Highlighted Features

  • Runs One or More Action Sets
  • Can Be Called From 3rd Party Apps

Runs One or More Action Sets

We allow you to select multiple action sets to run via the interface. This gives you the control to replace multiple actions with a single api call.

Can Be Called From 3rd Party Apps

If you're integrating a 3rd party application with Infusionsoft, you'll love the ability to have a single api call trigger multiple actions inside Infusionsoft.

The Toolbar

Above is the toolbar options you'll see for the Action It Helper. Here are the Toolbar button options from left to right:

  • ​Copy Link for Infusionsoft - This first blue copy link button copy the URL used for the http post snippet inside of the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder.
  • Configure Button - The last button on the far right is the start configuration button which allows you to View, Edit, Copy, Delete, view the Usage Report and the Usage Log.

Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

None, currently.

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to MyFusion Helper. In this short video we are going to be talking about how to use the Action It Helper and how we can also not only set that up in a live preview and demo, but we’re also going to talk about when and where and why you might want to use it in your particular application. So let’s dive right in and take a look at a live demo of how to set this up.

Okay, so here we are inside of the app and the first thing that we want to do is add the Action Set so we can say, ‘Action’ and there we go and it will take us right to it. Okay, Action It, okay and let’s give it a name, Action It Demo and we want to pick the action sets that we’re going to trigger.

Now the Action It Helper is designed to allow you to create a chain of several different action sets and if you haven’t used action sets, one of the reasons that they’re still very popular, even though they are considered to be a legacy item at this point, is that they allow you to do rule-based conditions attached to them. So, instead of just applying a tag, you can say, apply a tag and then put a condition; only when the following scenario is true.

Okay, and with that condition, you can create some very sophisticated and advanced logic. A lot of top marketer’s use action sets, even inside a campaign building, to send out emails because they can trigger off conditional logic of when that email is sent or not. So this is a very popular feature even though it is a legacy action.

So, we can come down here and select, nothing I’m doing here is going to make much sense, I’m just showing you the demo of the app, but you could trigger off multiple action sets to run all at once and you may only need to use ‘run one of them’ as well and you may be asking, ‘why would I bother running an HTTP:// post to just invoke an action set if it’s only got one of them and I’m not combining them?”

And it’s a good question, but sometimes especially using the Chain It feature, which allows you to stitch a whole bunch of individual helpers together into one big chain of features, sometimes you want to be able to do some of these things inside of MyFusion Helper just so that you can run them all in one big chain. So many times that’s a benefit in and of itself.

Then, at this point, we would just simply create the helper and then, of course, just go deploy it inside of Infusionsoft the same way that we would anything else. We’re simply going to grab a copy of the link for Infusionsoft and then we’re going to go inside of here and make sure to name that properly and then paste it in. So, we paste that in, set it to draft, and we are good to go. Notice you don’t have to do anything here with the name value pairs.

Now, one of the things that I showed you, but I just want to pull it up in closer detail on the action set, is that when you edit an action set, let’s drag this so you can see it a little better, there is this area right here, ‘only run this action when certain rules are met.’ And this is what allows you to build and edit these logical conditions for when this action set will fire and this is one of the main reasons that, despite being a legacy feature, people still use the action sets.

All right so as I was showing in the last live demo, this ‘only run this action when certain rules are met,’ you know, this is the main reason that people use action sets. It just allows that rule logic.

Now one of the things you can do inside of MyFusion Helper is combine multiple actions all at once, right. And this allows you to you know, put all of this complex logic into just a single HTTP:// post from within the campaign builder, as opposed to having to invoke multiple action sets and really complicate the design of the campaign builder.

And that of course, goes hand in hand with what I’ve talked about here; being able to use it with the chain it feature, allowing you to perform an action set operation, you know, outside of the campaign builder and inside of MyFusion Helper.

All right, that is a wrap for this particular feature. Hopefully this has been useful for you and you’ll use it in your application today.

If you need help, reach out to us on the Help Desk at

Nick Kulavic

Nick Kulavic is the Co-Founder of MyFusion Solutions and the Lead Developer. Basically he's the wizard behind the curtain of all things MyFusion! :-)