~ Meet the Team ~

Troy A. Broussard, Co-Founder, Lead Strategist

Troy Broussard is an experienced Marketer and Entrepreneur. He has created five online businesses in the past 5 years in the Services, Coaching and SaaS spaces. He has extensive backgrounds in product creation, high ticket sales and service businesses, systems, databases and programming.

Troy is a "recovering programmer" and former database administrator in Informix, Oracle and SQL Server and is also an Infusionsoft Certified Partner. He has been using Infusionsoft™ since 2008 - back in the "black, white and red" days of Infusionsoft™!​

Troy's passion is in creating efficient business systems and automation solutions that allow small business owners to spend much more of their time working on their business instead of in their business.​

Thales Broussard, Project Manager

Thales is our goto resource to just get it done! What? Well, pretty much whatever we need and that's the glue that keeps things moving on all of these projects.

VSL's, animation, graphics, Keynote slide decks, audio work - you name it, Thales is the man. 

MyFusion Notes - Thales did the site design and all of the animation and editing work for the VSL as well.