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Email Engagement Triggers Campaign - Yours For FREE!

An industry first, our Email Engagement Triggers segment your list and tell you who is engaged, who isn't and who hasn't opened or clicked an email in 30, 60 or 90 days. Even better, it provides you with a framework to automatically re-engage them with your own marketing campaigns - all 100% on autopilot!

Segment Your List

Identify the dead weight on your list and prune them off so you're not hurting your engagement and deliverability - and do it automatically with our FREE campaign included with your account.

Re-Engage Your List

After a contact hasn't engaged for 30, 60 or 90 days, automatically send them into a re-engagement campaign to bring them back into the fold and keep your list engaged, opening and reading your emails!

We Do the Hard Work

We setup the campaign for you, setup the Helpers for you in your account and even provide you with a video overview of the campaign explaining how it all works! We do the hard work so you don't have to!


These are some of our most powerful and most popular Helpers. But don't worry if you don't see
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We have a library of 50+ Helpers, and many more coming soon!
So be sure to check them out and see how we've got your business covered.

Our Customer Support Treats Your Business... 
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Ryan LevesqueAuthor, #1 Best-Selling Book, Ask

MyFusion Helper software is a big hit!

Dozens of members have told me that they’re running Infusionsoft™ apps and Troy’s MyFusion Helper software is essential to their businesses, as it is in ours. His name is the one that gets mentioned whenever there’s an Infusionsoft™ question, and he always rises to the challenge with valuable advice and tips. Troy Broussard is not only a leading teacher in marketing automation, but he’s also a practitioner himself, operating at the cutting edge.

Head spinning tech skills!

There are certain times in business when what you need is not more info, or even privileged info, what you need is a great wizard to swoop in and make it all better. Troy Broussard and the team at MyFusion Helper are just the wizards you need when it comes to Infusionsoft™.

Beyond his head-spinning tech skills, Troy totally "gets it" when it comes to working with us creative types who quickly develop (and often, cause) headaches when we encounter deep tech.

Kevin RogersFounder,
Taylor WelchAdvanced Funnel & Infusionsoft™ Specialist

Their knowledge of Infusionsoft™ is a game changer!

We run dozens of Infusionsoft™ accounts for 6, 7 and 8-figure clients and the knowledge of these guys is an absolute game changer - and has already saved me so much time, improved attendance for our webinars, boosted conversions and helped us segment our campaigns even further.

We've also moved all of our clients over to their software [MyFusion Helper] and not only saved a TON of money, but have enjoyed the UI and speedy response of the team anytime I've needed anything as well.

Top Marketers Choose MyFusion Helper...

It's No Coincidence...

...that todays marketing "movers and shakers" choose MyFusion Helper. They rely on constant innovation and are continually pushing the envelope. They also want top notch support ready to assist.

That's why MyFusion Helper is not a stagnant list of tools. We add new Helpers each and every month because we know that you need a product that grows with you and is responsive to YOUR needs - not just today, but tomorrow as well!

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Top Industry Integrations

We know that you don't use Infusionsoft™ in a vacuum. That's why we provide advanced integrations with Google Sheets, GotoWebinar, Stripe, Slack, Zendesk*, Facebook, YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo and more! Best of all, all of these integrations are built into one industry leading low monthly price...

*Zendesk integration requires

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