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How to Replace Data without Merging

As you work with Infusionsoft, you’ll likely run into scenarios where you need to add some tags to a sub-set of contacts in Infusionsoft but that set of contacts is defined externally and all you have is their email address. This happens a lot. The Scenario One common scenario where we see this happening is with merging […]

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How to Calculate Your Customer’s Age

Have you ever wondered How to Calculate Your Customer’s Age and wish them a personalized Happy 19th Birthday? Or maybe even promote a Special Sale to them a week before their Anniversary (maybe even remind them their Anniversary is coming up in the process 😂 )? Whether you need to calculate their age to wish them a […]

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Why Aren’t My Tags/Custom Fields Showing Up?

Are you trying to connect your newly created Infusionsoft tags or custom fields to a Helper, but they don’t seem to be showing up no matter how many Helpers you create? Well, that’s probably because your MyFusion Helper hasn’t been synchronized/updated with your Infusionsoft account recently. Here at MyFusion Solutions, we value efficiency and speed! That’s […]

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Who Are You & How Can We Help?

  The power of Infusionsoft really starts to shine thru when you learn the art of segmentation. You’ve surely heard the buzzword of “the right message, to the right person, at the right time” – that’s what Infusionsoft is famous for. But in order to do that, it really comes down to properly segmenting your list. The […]

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How to Auto Upload Affiliate W9’s

Do you have an affiliate program? If you do, then you know that one of the pains of running an affiliate program is getting all of your affiliates to comply with sending you their signed W9 IRS forms so that you can pay them. Well, this tip will show you how you can completely automate […]

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Using Slack for Expired Credit Cards

One of my favorite integrations that MyFusion Helper offers is the Slack integration. If you’re not already familiar with it, you really owe it to yourself to get a free Slack account and play with it for yourself. Slack is a instant messaging system on steroids. You can created threaded conversations (called “channels”), group conversations, […]

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