Combining Multiple Timer Types in One Sequence
Have you ever tried to build a campaign and needed to mix and match multiple types of timers? Perhaps you[...]
Did They Replace Our Date Calc?
Our Date Calc has been around since the beginning of our MyFusion Helper app, and we have been consistently improving[...]
The 80/20 Guide to Using Lead Sources Effectively
Of all of the topics I have spoken on and taught about over the years with Infusionsoft, Lead Sources and[...]
Boosting Email Deliverability with One Easy Change…
Email deliverability is super important these days. As marketers, however, we go through all of this work to get someone[...]
Adding Google reCAPTCHA to Infusionsoft Web and Order Forms to Reduce Spam
Let's face it, spam is a BIG problem. The more technology we add to our lives, the potentially more spam we[...]
Apply a Tag Based on a Button Click!
Have you ever wanted to know if somebody clicked to an order form off your sales page? Have you ever[...]
Math It Helper (Advanced)
You likely already know about our Math It Helper, it's pretty useful for simple addition, subtraction, multiplication & division within one custom[...]
GBB Campaign Building System – II
Last week I introduced you to my GBB Campaign Building System (Good - Better - Best) and we discussed the first[...]
Some of My Custom Fields Aren’t Showing
In order to improve the performance of MyFusion Helper, we cache certain data elements so that we don't have to[...]
Office Hours – You’re Missing Out!
Here at team MyFusion, we want to make sure that you're getting the absolute most out of your Infusionsoft app. You[...]
The GBB Campaign Building System
What's the simplest way to get someone to take action? You give them a "system"... a blueprint... a formula. Right?[...]
Law #3 of Effective Campaign Building
Keeping Your Campaigns Clean & Well-Structured One of the curses of Infusionsoft is actually the beauty as well - the blank canvas[...]
Law #2 of Effective Campaign Building
Killing Off The Frankenfunnel: Part 2 (If you missed Law #1 and the introduction of the nasty beast known as[...]
Law #1 of Effective Campaign Building
Campaign Structure Best Practices I'm not going to arrogantly tell you that my way is the right way. One of[...]
An Offline Marketing Lesson
For today's Tuesday Tip, I want to mix things up a bit. The Backstory... About three months ago, I began[...]
Billing Automation Best Practices
Yeah, yeah, I know... "but Troy, Billing Automation is boring and old - been around forever - is this really[...]
How to Report On Campaign Goals
So this is a question we get quite a bit. It usually goes something along the lines of: "I love[...]
Campaign Builder Queuing – Easier Than You Think
Did you know that you have the ability within Campaign Builder to delay processing contacts on a one-by-one basis and[...]
How to Determine Your Exact Campaign Profitability
If you've been following this blog for awhile now, you're probably beginning to spot a trend - I do a[...]
One Clever Hack to Boost Your Webinar Attendance 18-23%
We all know that webinars just plain work. Sure, maybe not quite as well today as they have in the[...]

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