IP Redirect/Route It Helper and How To Set Them Up!
Most of our Helpers are done via http posts inside the campaign builder, but the IP Redirect and Route It[...]
Why Use Our Slack Helper When You Can Do The Same Thing Without It?
We love using our Slack It Helper, especially for new purchases, subscription renewals, and billing failures. It's like having a[...]
Combining Multiple Timer Types in One Sequence
Have you ever tried to build a campaign and needed to mix and match multiple types of timers? Perhaps you[...]
Did They Replace Our Date Calc?
Our Date Calc has been around since the beginning of our MyFusion Helper app, and we have been consistently improving[...]
The 80/20 Guide to Using Lead Sources Effectively
Of all of the topics I have spoken on and taught about over the years with Infusionsoft, Lead Sources and[...]
Boosting Email Deliverability with One Easy Change…
Email deliverability is super important these days. As marketers, however, we go through all of this work to get someone[...]
Adding Google reCAPTCHA to Infusionsoft Web and Order Forms to Reduce Spam
Let's face it, spam is a BIG problem. The more technology we add to our lives, the potentially more spam we[...]
Apply a Tag Based on a Button Click!
Have you ever wanted to know if somebody clicked to an order form off your sales page? Have you ever[...]
Math It Helper (Advanced)
You likely already know about our Math It Helper, it's pretty useful for simple addition, subtraction, multiplication & division within one custom[...]

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